Biocompatibility and biodegradability of biomaterials are extremely important to create safe nanocarriers and nanodevices for human application. The study, invention and the full characterization of biomaterials to be used in nanomedicine are crucial issues for the translatability of a nanomedicine to clinical application.

UniMORE's main researches in the production of biomaterials are:

  • Bio Production of biopolymers
  • Production of inorganic biomaterials and delivery systems (bioglasses, zeolites)
  • Surface engineering of biofilms or biopolymers for medical device or delivery systems
  • Biofilm interaction with nanomaterials
  • Study of polymer or polymeric nanomedicine interaction with living cells or bacteria
  • Study on polymer degradation
  • Stability of nanomedicines in simulated or non simulated environments
  • Nanotoxicology for safety tests (carcinogenic potential)
  • Characterization of interaction of biomaterials with cells or tissues
  • Nanotoxicology