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UniMORE and Nanomedicine

Nanomedicine is the application of nanotechnology to achieve innovation in healthcare. It uses the properties developed by a material at its nanometric scale 10-9 m which often differ in terms of physics, chemistry or biology from the same material at a bigger scale.

Nanomedicine has the potential to enable early detection and prevention and to drastically improve diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of many types of diseases that heavily impact on our society.

Nowadays more than 70 nano-products are under clinical trials, covering all major diseases as cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, musculoskeletal and inflammatory. Enabling technologies in all healthcare areas, nanomedicine is already accounting for 77 marketed products, ranging from nano-delivery (44) and pharmaceutical (18) to imaging, diagnostics and biomaterial (15).

UniMORE's laboratories and skilled teams work in different areas of the research and application of nanomedicine, nano-devices, nano-biomaterials and their application in the cure, therapy, diagnosis of a number of difficult-to-treat pathologies.

UniMORE and ETP Nanomedicine

In line with ETP Nanomedicine and with the international community on Nanomedicine, UniMORE aims to strengthen and broaden its participation in the Platform and broaden its network of specialized partner, with the aims to:

  • Consolidating and maintaining the high level of knowledge on nanomedicine and related areas
  • Developing better scientific communication on research results and promising application domains
  • Strengthening of qualified multidisciplinary and trans-national networks
  • Developing and carefully planning of the design, development and application of nanomedicine to human disorders by actively linking different disciplines (biology, nanotechnology, nanotoxicology, clinical competences)
  • Promoting scientific careers of young researchers and the creation of novel jobs’ opportunities
  • Facilitating industrial liaisons by sharing and connecting innovations and projects with large pharmaceutical industries’ requirements


UniMORE addresses this objectives pursuing:

  • The deeper knowledge of the pathologies
  • The clear understanding of the limits of the current treatments
  • The tailored design of nanomedicines
  • The safety of nanomedicines.