Research & Technologies

Nanomedicine represents a very complex scientific area, as it harbors a variety of researches, technologies and innovative protocols and processes.

At the cutting edge of technologies, research in nanomedicine is considered as the most promising for the effective treatment of a number of difficult-to-treat pathologies, ranging from brain disorders to cancer, inflammatory states, infections, genetic and rare diseases.

The effort of nanoscientists is to advance research and to allowing its translation into medical practice. In this respect, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia displays a number of laboratories actively working in the field, from the drug delivery to the nanodevices dedicated to diagnostic purposes.

The active role of UniMORE’s laboratories is confirmed by the high publications' score, as well as by the many interdisciplinary projects developed within their network that joins biophysics, modeling and expertise in in vitro/vivo research.