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ETP Nanomedicine

53 European stakeholders amog industrial and academic experts established in 2005 the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine.

The Platform has been opened to a wider participation (July 2013: 120 member organisations) and has delivered a number of strategic documents showing a well elaborated common European way of working together.
In July 2013, Nanomedicine has been recognised as an European Technology Platform (ETP) in the context of the upcoming "Strategy for European Technology Platforms: ETP 2020".
Three key priorities have been confirmed:

  • Nanotechnology-based diagnostics including imaging
  • Targeted drug delivery and release
  • Regenerative medicine.

After becoming a Member of the Platform in Spring 2017, UniMORE's representative Prof. Giovanni Tosi has been appointed vice-chair of the ETP Nanomedicine “Nanotherapeutics and Target Delivery” Working Group.